Create a Masterpiece ... Jewelry as unique as you.

Denney Jewelers offers complete in-house custom design to help you create your personal masterpiece jewelery. Using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM design software, 4-Axis wax milling, and a complete jewelry workshop with the best jewelers in the region, we offer a fun, efficient and personalized creative process.

Can't find a standard wedding band to match your engagement ring? We will design a perfect fit just as you request.

Partner with us to create the perfect engagement ring you've always imagined, design a personalized pendant to remount family heirloom diamonds and gemstones, or make a memorable right-hand ring that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Custom Designed Jewelery Created just for you.

A truly collaborative and creative experience ... a memorable process that is so important for your most precious jewelry.



  • To start the process, simply complete the form below with your contact information and as much detail of your design idea as possible. After submitting your request, we will contact you via email which you may reply to with additional sketches, images, or other pictorial representations of what you are interested in creating.


  • Our jewelry designers will review your idea and begin drafting an initial design for you to preview. During this creative design process, we will work with you directly via email, telephone, or personal visits at our store in Springfield, Illinois [map]. A visit to our store in not required to create your custom jewelry.


  • Once our initial design is complete, we will email you a three-dimensional rendering to preview. These images will serve as a creative starting point for you to provide feedback and more ideas.


  • After you have approved a final draft of our 3-D model, you will be asked to submit a $300 non-refundable Design Deposit to be paid securely online. This deposit will authorize our designers to mill the model in wax and ship the preview prototype directly to you for review at home. Minor design changes may still be made to the model and additional waxes may be milled for your review at no additional charge.


  • Along with your first wax review, we will also provide you with a precise price of the completed jewelry. Pricing is based on metal choice, total casted metal weight (which we estimate from the 3-D model), and stone content and setting labor.


  • After approving the final design based on your direct review the preview wax, we will begin crafting your actual piece of jewelry. We require one-half of the total price paid at this time, with the balance due when we are ready to ship your finished jewelry. You will receive an actual photograph of your piece before completing your final payment.



  • The entire creative process will vary depending on the complexity of your design idea. However, in general you should expect at least 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for the initial design model, 1 week to receive your preview wax, and 3-4 weeks for creating the finished piece. Additional time will often be required for creative brainstorming sessions with the designer as well as adjustments to models and waxes that you request.



Your information will remain entirely within Denney Jewelers, LTD.
We will never sell or release your information to a third party.

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Describe your initial design idea in as much detail as possible. You will also be able to email pictures, sketches and more information directly to our designers.